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Brandt uses Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) for both design and fabrication with cutting-edge technology and full 3D coordination. Our fabrication suite of programs generates detailed reports for shipping, purchasing, and fabrication. Our detailers can create fabrication drawings with an automatic bill of materials generated for each ISO drawing and our CAM software allows for truly seamless integration between our duct models with and our sheet metal fabrication equipment.

The following are a few of the key benefits of our modeling systems:

  • Labor tracking and project scheduling
  • Digital transfer to our fabrication equipment
  • Individual isometric piping shop drawings for prefabrication of piping spools
  • Quantity surveys of actual model for verification of original quantity surveys and purchased quantities
  • Fully coordinated as-built drawings of all electrical, mechanical, and piping systems
  • Interference checks for coordination

Brandt is committed to preparing EPC, Design-Build, or Design-Assist drawings, shop drawings, and coordination drawings utilizing modeling for all of our projects. This includes fully coordinated 3D models of all systems. Additionally, we have experience with “higher dimension” (4D+) workflows such as embedding documentation in a model to create a data-rich “as-built model.”

This type of sophisticated process ensures that all systems can be installed more efficiently and at a higher level of quality.

Virtual Design & Construction