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Brandt Industrial is committed to providing our customers the highest quality and best value ―on each and every project. Our size and financial strength are key components in our procurement power. The procurement process greatly influences the success or failure of any project. Brandt Industrial believes that the primary procurement issues that should be faced in the development of a project are:

  • Schedule and the timely acquisition of long-lead equipment items;
  • Quality and the need for key equipment suppliers to support construction activities; and
  • Pricing and commercial considerations.

Long-lead items are defined as early in the project as possible to ensure that the project schedule requirements are properly complied with.

During the development of the procurement proposal, Brandt Industrial assesses the issues of the project and develops a winning procurement strategy based on the following critical success factors:

  • Unique sourcing strategy;
  • Buying power and competitive pricing by using the Brandt Industrial Project Procurement Team;
  • Continuity from proposal to execution; and
  • Materials management planning.

Our procurement process includes the best suppliers needed to acquire the right products at the right time.