Safety is a priority at Brandt. Brandt Industrial is firmly committed to providing employees and customers a safe workplace environment with its safety and training program. Our goal is to provide an accident and injury free environment, supported by the entire organization. Every day, Brandt instills safety discipline and urgency at jobsites and offices and strives for zero incidents. We provide safety data to industry leading agencies including ISNetworld and PECWeb.

Brandt also has our “Stretch & Flex” Program, a morning routine for employees to alleviate injury on the workplace through warmup and stretching routines prior to work.

Total Case
Incident Rate
Restricted Duty
Case Incident Rate
Days Away Case
Incident Rate
2013 1.36 .78 .06 3,081,268 .74
2012 2.44 .95 .27 2,946,269 .86
2011 2.46 1.26 .13 3,005,309 .91
2010 2.94 1.14 .65 3,669,888 .75