Brandt Industrial Engineering Services

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May 20th, 2015

Brandt Industrial Engineering Services

For large, complex industrial projects, Brandt Industrial often uses the Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) method. We provide a complete range of EPC and fabrication to customers across a broad range of industries. Brandt expertise and signature service allow us to provide solutions to even the most complicated projects, no matter how challenging the environment.

Brandt Engineering Services

Brandt Industrial engineering services are provided by a dedicated engineering team comprised of experienced professionals across a wide range of specialties. Our unique team allows us to offer innovative solutions and customized services that suit our clients’ individual needs. Our engineers use cutting-edge technologies to maximize your return on investment for any EPC project.

Our engineering services include:

  • Project development and control protocols
  • Front-end engineering and design (FEED)
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Comprehensive start-up and commissioning services

Brandt EPC

When Brandt provides EPC contract services, we offer engineering, technical solution design and strategic installation that minimizes interruption to existing operations. Our company structure allows us to leverage the combined skills of engineers, project managers and highly-qualified trades’ staff. Combine the talents of our people with our reputation for safety, quality and production, and Brand Industrial has the unique resource set to offer solutions to the most complicated project problems.

Engineering Success

Our engineers work across our full range of services, from planning and programming, through scheduling and logistics, to commissioning and start-up. Our full EPC capabilities set us apart, but we also offer specialized “standalone” support offerings for clients who do not need the full scope of services. Our goal at Brandt is to offer customized services that position our clients for success with every job.

Brandt Industrial Services for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Brandt has worked for more than 60 years to perfect our services at industrial sites and plants. Our technology, experience, and capacity help you get the most out of each facility, every day. Industrial manufacturing capabilities set Brandt Industrial apart from our competitors, offering you high quality, safe performance with minimal disruption to your existing workflows.

You can’t afford downtime. We can’t afford to let you down.

Our longstanding reputation as the best in the business rests on our ability to bring industrial manufacturing projects online quickly and effectively—on time, on budget, with an eye to safety and minimal downtime. Let Brandt Industrial help you:

  • improve old systems,
  • maintain existing systems to fix small issues before they become big headaches,
  • retrofit or recommission current facilities, or
  • design, procure, and construct new projects from the ground up.

We offer a broad-and-deep range of services targeted specifically to logistics and manufacturing firms. We can do:

  • Chilled, Hot water, and steam piping
  • De-ionizing & RO water systems
  • Industrial ventilation
  • High purity gas supply systems
  • Vents and gas supply systems (ovens and other processing applications)
  • HVAC system service/repair/replacement

Our off-site sheet metal and pipe fabrication shops help keep our projects on track by having material stage and ready to go for critical shutdown repairs. Our longstanding industrial engineering experience allows us to implement even complex designs efficiently and to the most exacting professional standards. We aren’t happy until you are.

Brandt Industrial: An Industrial Manufacturing Commitment

The Brandt Industrial commitment to excellence exemplifies our core values of agility and perseverance. We know what it means to work in a demanding environment that requires the flexibility to get things done efficiently yet safely. Our goal is be your long-term partner for both ongoing maintenance work and major overhauls and additions to your facility.

To find out more about our industrial manufacturing services, visit our website.

Brandt Industrial Services for the Oil and Gas IndustryAs a full-service industrial construction firm with more than half a century of experience in commercial construction and complex project management, Brandt Industrial has the background and technical expertise to help our clients in the oil and gas industry succeed. We offer a range of services crossing boundaries between such diverse markets as alternative energy, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, power, and wastewater.

Competent to the Core

Brandt Industrial offers plant turnaround services, engineering, procurement, construction, and greenfield development project capabilities. Our track record for safety, reliability and quality speaks for itself.

Understanding Oil and Gas

Brandt Industrial is a specialty contractor that emphasizes leading-edge technology to work in both new and existing fuel production facilities. As our clients work to produce cleaner fuels in compliance with tightening regulations, we have been there to assist, to learn, and to implement the right solutions.

Improving Solutions

Brandt Industrial’s oil and gas capabilities include:

  • Process and specialty piping (both fabrication and erection)
  • Equipment replacement
  • Ongoing service & maintenance
  • Repairs/modifications to heat exchangers, pumps, or holding vessels

Our qualified welding practices and procedures, implemented by highly trained certified welders, offer the highest-quality fabrication and installation. Brandt Industrial insists on top quality and unflinching attention to detail. Our professionals are practiced in meeting and exceeding exacting safety demands and tight schedules without sacrificing safety or quality.

Brandt Industrial Services for the the Water and Wastewater Industry

Brandt Industrial’s experience in industrial contracting allows us to offer a full range of services: chemical processing, alternative energy, food & beverage, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical processing. One of our longest standing and best competencies is in water treatment and wastewater management. Our experience with complex and in-depth engineering, procurement, and construction allows us to deliver on time and in budget with a continuous emphasis on safety and quality.

Brandt Industrial also offers plant turnaround services to update, retrofit, and re-commission aging plant operations for compliance, and longevity. Our broad range of capabilities, combined with industry-specific expertise, make us one of the most trusted names in industrial construction.

Wastewater and Water Treatment

The Brandt Industrial staff includes experienced technicians and field personnel, and licensed engineers. No matter how large or small your project, Brandt has the expertise to execute at the highest level—with speed, polish, and precision.

Our water/wastewater contracting services include:

  • Process equipment installation
  • Design/build
  • Instrumentation
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Desalination
  • Service and preventative maintenance programs
  • Underground process and utility piping
  • Process equipment installation

We can help you design, engineer, and build out ground-up projects, major retrofits, or repairs with minimal impact to your existing operations. To learn more about Brandt Industrial’s capabilities in the water and wastewater industry, visit our website. To keep up with Brandt’s projects and new directions, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brandt Industrial has more than 60 years of experience in industrial construction services, including multimillion-dollar projects in chemical processing and a broad range of industries. Brandt is proud to provide a long history of follow-through and client satisfaction in engineering, procurement, and construction—as well as plant turnaround services that help to extend the life of existing facilities. From the management of complex and intensive projects to the specialized knowledge to implement individual technical components, Brandt Industrial has the capabilities that can help. No project is too big or too small for our highly trained, competent teams.

A Broad Range of Services

Alternative energy, food & beverage management and processing, chemical processing, oil & gas, industrial manufacturing, semiconductors, wastewater, water, and power industries have all been successfully served by Brandt’s capable offerings. When you contract with Brandt, you gain not just our expertise, but also the peace of mind—based on our long-standing reputation—that we will complete the project on time, in budget, and with an emphasis on safety and effectiveness.

Chemical processing can be extremely hazardous is thus subject to strict regulatory requirements that can be both complex and demanding. Compliance is not just a legal concern; it is a very real safety issue. Trust Brandt Industrial to help you work within the strict safety guidelines to build or retrofit facilities that are effective, efficient, and safe for your workers. We have implemented major processing plants and projects for:

  • Industrial gas
  • Detergents and household products
  • Painting and coatings
  • Plastics and rubbers
  • Fibers and resins
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Producers of inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Alkalies and chlorines

Our specific areas of expertise combined with broad capabilities create powerful strategic advantages for our clients. We understand the chemical processing industry—its hazards, regulatory climate, and unique history. Our areas of expertise include major projects in everything from plant turnarounds and unit additions to expansions and total greenfield construction.

At Brandt Industrial, we know what you need to be successful. Let us consult with you to define your project, build out a functional design based on your budget and needs, and implement a practical final product that exceeds your expectations with minimal interruption to your existing activities. To learn more, check out our website.

Industrial construction takes specialized knowledge and capacity, especially when it comes to controlled environments. Semiconductor facilities and pharmaceutical laboratories are unique spaces with specialized qualifications and needs. Brandt’s established technologies and 60+ years of experience qualify us to design, manage and build “clean” space  to the performance standards you need. Customers across Texas have trusted us with overall design and implementation.

From process piping to vessels to tool hookup, Brandt knows how to do it all. Every piece will be up to specs and in place on time.

We Know the Details

In a “clean” environment the key is avoidance of contamination. We have quality practices and procedures in place to make sure that products are produced in a sterile environment.

Clean lab environments need special attention—we check everything thing we do to make sure we meet the highest quality standards and work on systems like de-ionized and reverse osmosis water systems, high purity gas supply and process chilled water piping options. We have the operational capability to meet your specific industrial construction needs, along with the design expertise to help you create an optimized, customized clean room or lab space.

We Know How to Put It Together

Brandt’s Texas locations include almost 100,000 square feet of interior fabrication space that includes a 10,000 sq ft clean room. Sheet metal capacity for our in-house operations exceed 4 million pounds of ductwork per year, and over one million diameter weld-inches per year come out of our specialized piping shop.

We save you money by keeping production in-house and “middle-man” costs down, while providing clean room capabilities that most industrial construction services can’t. You can trust Brandt to provide quality projects for our hi-purity clients.

Trust Brandt

Brandt’s services also include round-the-clock care during and after implementation, with maintenance packages that set us apart from the competition. When you work with Brandt, you’re part of the family. We won’t let you down.

Industrial Construction Prezi Introduction

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July 25th, 2014

Brandt: Exceeding Client Needs for 60 Years

Brandt, a long-term industry leading industrial construction company, is one of the most well-known and trusted names in industrial construction. With 1500 long-term employees and more than 60 years of client satisfaction, Brandt is the largest provider of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in the state of Texas—with ongoing industrial constructions project nationwide ranging from improved energy efficiency to commercial infrastructure upgrades.

Brandt’s powerful “Engineer-Procure-Construct” strategy allows us to maximize your outcome while minimizing impacts on existing work processes. We work around your schedule and with your unique needs to create powerful solutions on time and on budget.

Project development strategies are a key factor in Brandt’s long-standing success. Early MEP programming and needs analysis is combined with constructability analysis, detailed design specs, and carefully crafted contracting to mitigate risk and achieve smooth, on-schedule workflows once industrial construction begins. Engineering coordination and project management are integral parts of our industrial construction services packages. Before we break ground, you’ll know what you need and why, how it can be achieved, who will supply the components, how construction will occur and when the project will be complete.

Cutting-Edge Industrial Construction Services Characterize Brandt

We work hard to build sustainable business solutions for the companies we serve. Our industrial construction services offer full-service, turnkey operations for industrial construction projects. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) methodology through Brandt Companies offers a range of engineering services, technical solutions and strategic installation procedures customized to the needs of our clients in even demanding or inhospitable environments.

Our dossier of cutting-edge solutions for industrial construction projects includes:

  • Engineering: Innovation in engineering services is a hallmark of Brandt’s work. We provide front end-engineering and design (FEED); project controls/development; start-up and commissioning services; and a range of experienced professional backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, structural and process engineering fields.
  • Procurement: Our procurement power hinges on our size and financial strength, allowing us to achieve economies of scale and pass savings on to our B2B clients as part of our industrial construction services packages. Scheduling, timing management of long-lead items and quality control characterize our procurement services, so your project won’t be held up as we wait for one vital piece.
  • Construction: In-house fabrication, milling, electrical and mechanical capabilities allow us a high degree of control of quality, productivity and professional safety standards. We provide our services on time and on budget with a high degree of professional pride in our work.
  • Fabrication: The lauded Brant Order Workflow System (BOWS) provides the framework for successful delivery and installation of quality products, customized to each client’s project requirements. Our modular fabrication solutions are second to none in the field as we strive to provide innovative solutions to customer needs.
  • Facilities and Capabilities: Our sheet metal shop produces more than 14 million pounds of ductwork annually. The piping shop produces one million diameter weld-inches each year. We are compliant under ASME S, U, PP, and R Code Stamps, Class 100 cleanroom fabrication certified, members of the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau (NCPWB) and capable of producing pipes and pipe supports; industrial insulation; sheet metal and duct work; and steel (carbon, stainless, and alloy).
  • Virtual Design and Construction: VDC for fabrication and design are at the cutting edge of industry here at Brandt, with full 3D coordination/application and digital transfer directly to fabrication equipment. Our EPC, Design-Assist and Design-Build drawings integrate the best of spatial modeling into real-world applications. Our digital systems allow precision, design rigor, and even higher-dimension work flows pushing the 4D limits of technology in industrial construction services.

From 3D laser scanning and information modeling to on-the-ground practical operations in everything from sheet metal to design fabrication, Brandt leverages the intersections of technology and application to bring you the best quality and service — on time and on budget. For experience, scale and capability, Brandt outstrips the rest in industrial construction services.

The Brandt Companies at SEMICON West

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June 27th, 2014

SEMICON West is coming up soon, and Brandt is proud to be there. We’ll be at the conference from July 7 – 11, taking part in sessions and enjoying the vendor atmosphere from Booth 2328. Join us!

SEMICON is a cutting-edge professional conference presented annually. As the flagship event for the microelectronics industry, SEMICON represents the best and brightest corporate, research, and personal interests in the microelectronics field.


2014 is the event’s 44th year, and this group has moved far beyond semiconductors — into photovoltaics, lithography, MEMS, solid-state lighting, even cutting-edge factory automation tools and techniques … and much more. In size, scope, research and innovative problem-solving across a range of industries, SEMICON is an industry-leading annual conference.


Beyond industry-leading presentations on the state of materials, processes and equipment in microelectronics, SEMICON is a connection hub for microelectronics professionals. People, products, technologies and ideas converge here for four days – five if you’re a VIP! Advancing the future of microelectronics is the goal and mission of SEMICON and the individuals who bring it to life year after year.


Process research, material innovation, issues and challenges come to light in SEMICON’s yearly sessions. The people who power the yearly event are the speakers – researchers and experts in microelectronics who come to share ideas and discoveries with peers and potential partners from some of the world’s leading labs and research facilities.

This year, that focus is explicit. Join the conversation on Thursday, July 10 in TechXPOT South for a “Breakthrough Research Technologies” session designed to elaborate the issues and challenges driving research consortia, universities and worldwide research institutions today.


This year the conference also joins the drive for sustainability in electronics with a Sustainable Manufacturing Forum. Explore environmental issues, upcoming challenges in supply and regulation, and the technologies that can provide answers. Sustainability isn’t just about environment but about economics … come see why.

The 44th year promises to be a watershed year for SEMICON West. A Semiconductor Technology symposium and a “Silicon Innovation Forum” designed to connect startups with investors are other conference highlights, along with three promising keynote sessions by industry-leading experts. We look forward to contributing, learning and meeting our clients at SEMICON once again this year.

More About Brandt

As a top-tier provider of turnkey engineering, construction (EPC) and procurement services across industries, Brandt has a unique perspective at the yearly SEMICON conference. We pay attention to the cutting edge of technology in semiconductors, alternative energy and chemical processing – along with food & beverage, bio-pharm, oil/gas, water and power infrastructure. We have found SEMICON to be an annual source of inspiration and aspiration as we move forward with current projects. From modular fabrication to mechanical upgrades and even building information modeling, SEMICON and Brandt Companies are a meeting of the minds.

Drop by Booth 2328 and see us any time during the conference. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, get feedback and show you what we do.

The Brandt Companies at SEMICON West

Industrial Building Construction for Global Foundries

Brandt Industrial has long been a leader in industrial building construction, largely because of its solid reputation for innovation and collaboration at every level of a project. Clients can rely on Brandt to deliver turnkey projects on time and to specifications. Such was the case in Brandt Industrial’s most recent collaboration with semiconductor giant Global Foundries.

About Global Foundries

Global Foundries is a full-service semiconductor foundry based out of Silicon Valley, with manufacturing facilities located in Malta, N.Y.; Dresden, Germany; and Singapore. They supply custom microprocessors and integrated circuits to the electronics industry. Formed in 2009 after purchasing manufacturing rights from AMD and Chartered Semiconductor, Global Foundries focuses on innovative collaborations with partners and customers to ensure the highest quality products in the semiconductor industry.

Brandt’s Scope of Work

Brandt Industrial’s reputation for industrial building construction excellence led to its involvement in the latest turnkey project at Global Foundries in their New York manufacturing facility. The project consisted of building out  90,000 square feet of fab space at the end of building 8.1. The end goal of the building construction was to have  300,000 square feet of cleanroom manufacturing space. With Global Foundries at the top of the semiconductor manufacturing industry and second only to TSMC, a manufacturing company in Taiwan, it was vital for them to collaborate with the right industrial building company to meet those goals.

Brandt Industrial was the prime contractor for this project, supplying process lateral system modules for all process utilities. This included the process exhaust duct, as well as transitional main lines and interconnecting piping between modules. Brandt fabricated approximately 273 modules for this project, shipping them to the facility for installation. Once shipped, Brandt monitored modular installation as well as the transition piping for connections and final assembly.

Started in late 2013 with a completion date of April meant a quick turnaround time and tight deadlines for this important project. Brandt’s modular approach to construction was absolutely essential, as it efficiently streamlined the process of construction and made for more efficient completion. Brandt Industrial, with its solid reputation for comprehensive and detailed industrial building construction—and, in particular, its extensive BIM capabilities in the technology and manufacturing industries—was the natural choice for such an intricate project.

Brandt Industrial: A Model in Modular Construction

Brandt Industrial, a leader in modular construction, surpasses the competition with its extensive and innovative usage of modular building design and construction as part of a greater model of sustainable and energy efficient building for the technology manufacturing industry. For more information on Brandt Industrial, visit today.