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Brandt’s number one priority is the safety of the men and women working on our construction sites, inside mechanical or electrical rooms, or driving vehicles in the areas we serve. Our safety policy is designed to protect people that work for us and our clients, while maximizing production and facilitating on-time project completion.

The partnership between our field teams and safety coordinators remains paramount to our success. Our safety program reinforces task planning, assessing environmental conditions, and reviewing work methods between project teams. – Barry Moore, CEO & President

We know our culture, training, planning, equipment, and tools have to support this daily commitment to sending everyone home in the same condition they arrived that day. Every employee has the responsibility and authority to identify and rectify unsafe work conditions regardless of their role at Brandt. From our perspective, successful job completion and safety must be inseparable.

Experience Modifier Rate (EMR)


Total Case Incident rate (TCIR)


Safety Accreditations

  • ISNetworld – Member # 400-194682
  • Avetta
  • PEC Safety